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Improving Our Products to Benefit Our Customers

This is not innovation for innovation’s sake, but a long term investment in improving products, adding value and providing customer savings.

We understand that innovation is not only about technology or machinery – it’s about people and processes.

We have created a culture that nurtures innovation and helps develop ideas, thoughts and sparks of creativity by:

  • Creating cross functional groups to assume responsibility for specific product development
  • Giving our staff the forum to submit ideas
  • Working in a spirit of openness
  • Collaborating with leading educational organisations through knowledge transfer partnerships (KTP) to add creativity and fresh thinking

At Martec we also understand that in order to deliver our customers needs, we rely heavily on our relationship with suppliers and contractors. Therefore we invest heavily in supply chain management initiatives in order to augment our current service.

We invest significant time, effort and money into the continual personal and professional development of every member of our team.

Continuous Development of Our Products

The commercial environment dictates that design and development of new and improved products is essential if we are to satisfy customers today and in the future.

The Martec design team is constantly reviewing and refining our product portfolio as client specifications change, market trends shift and legislative requirements evolve.

At Martec ‘value adding’ activity is essential where the customer is encouraged to engage in development partnerships with our team of marketing, design and manufacturing professionals.

Encouraging our customers to become involved in the development of new products gives them complete confidence that our products will meet their specific needs. It also gives Martec an invaluable end-user insight.

Innovation Exclusive to Martec

Our customer orientated approach to innovation has resulted in a patented product and a patent pending product.

Anti-Nip Hinge - Patented

Safety is paramount in high traffic areas of public/private buildings such as main entrances. As prevention against finger entrapment in the hinge of the door, Martec have designed and developed the ‘anti-nip’ system. Martec security doors come equipped with ‘designed for life’ anti-nip technology as standard.

Secure Glazing System - Patent Pending

From a high performance glazing retention system our customers require ease of maintenance and replacement but not at the expense of the doors integrity. We believe our unique, patent pending system exceeds that criteria. The interface of the profiled glazing bead and door-frame conceals an ingenious yet simple locking system rendering traditional, unsightly visible fixings unnecessary and enhancing the door with a distinctive, classic appearance.

Fully Welded Construction

Durable? You really don’t get any better than this. The renowned toughness of hollow steel profiles and innovative fully welded construction combine to create a formidable low maintenance and visually appealing security door.

Resistant to warping, twisting and impact, Martec security doors remain fit for purpose long after timber, aluminium, composite, or indeed other steel varieties, have been replaced. Not only that but our product is 100% recyclable!


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Client Spotlight
Miller Construction

Edinburgh Quay has taken an under utilised area and turned it into an exception water front development.

Martec were asked to assist Miller construction with various aspects of the Edinburgh Quay project. Martec Engineering provided balconies, balustrading as well as strengthening steel and staircases.

Each item supplied by Martec was designed and manufactured specifically for this development, helping create Edinburgh Quay as a design orientated and highly individual development.

Miller Construction