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Martec Engineering
Martec Engineering
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Architectural Glazing
Architectural Glazing

Our specialist knowledge of the structural possibilities of glass gained over many years working on unique bespoke projects where we have been involved from the conception, engineering and installation of glazed structures plus a variety of interior glass elements.

We are inspired by award winning architecture: and the innovative use of glass to build a beautiful working and living environment for our clients. Our 30 years of commercial glazing technology and construction experience ensures our structures and products have never been more secure, comfortable and also if required thermal efficient with double and triple glazed units providing good heat retention (U value) performance. The Martec team has considerable experience within the commercial glazing and architectural metalwork sectors and has worked with some of the leading architects, glazing designers and manufacturers in the UK and Europe.

Martec is opening up a whole new world of design possibilities combining the technical ability and practical skill to deliver signature designs at a highly competitive price.

All of our glass solutions are designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with the relevant British Standards and comply with current building regulations.

Our range of products and services include:

  • Frameless glass extensions or glass boxes, structural glass facades, entrances, glass staircases, walk-on floors, and all our secondary support structures in mild steel or stainless steel, are manufactured in-house.
  • Avoid the traditional conflict between steel and glass contractors we manufacture and install the associated Structural steel framing, Balustrades & Handrails, uniquely offering a one stop shop approach at no extra cost.
  • Martec can assist at any stage of the project starting with feasibility studies and costs planning.

We can provide detailed design information as well as practical construction advice.


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Client Spotlight
Miller Construction

Edinburgh Quay has taken an under utilised area and turned it into an exception water front development.

Martec were asked to assist Miller construction with various aspects of the Edinburgh Quay project. Martec Engineering provided balconies, balustrading as well as strengthening steel and staircases.

Each item supplied by Martec was designed and manufactured specifically for this development, helping create Edinburgh Quay as a design orientated and highly individual development.

Miller Construction