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Martec Engineering
Martec Engineering
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Architectural Metalwork
Architectural Metalwork

We are one of the most recognised names in the market for the design, manufacture and installation of architectural and bespoke metal works.

Our wide range of solutions comply with all the necessary building regulation requirements as well as adhering to all of the British Standard recommendations for structural stability, safety and accessibility.

Martec has a reputation for delivering complex and technically challenging projects on time and within budget.

We work with market leaders in the Construction, Residential and Infrastructure sectors delivering and installing a wide range of products and bespoke commissions.

Our philosophy has been to manufacture quality products offsite. This focus is shifting from balustrade systems to complete glazed structures, these roots are still very much part of how Martec makes a difference. All products are custom designed using tried and tested standard principles and are made using modular components for optimum quality.

Research and development - Off Site Assembly Solutions

Using our specialist technical knowledge for practical solutions is key to the speed of installation creating simpler, safer and more cost effective solutions.

Innovation is key to Martec’s success and really does set us apart.

Martec’s ability to value engineer projects has allowed the innovative use of pre-assembled complete balconies and balustrades. With specially designed fixing details complete with thermal breaks to eliminate cold bridging into the building substrate, minimising onsite assembly costs.

Stainless steel Experts

Martec’s roots lie firmly in stainless steel fabrication applying precision methodology to a wide range of architectural metalwork from pressed steel to complete structures delivering high quality surface finishes to our client’s expectations. We can assist Architects at an early stage of the project on the proper construction and finish necessary for the most economical use of stainless steel.


Glazing, Facades, Balconies, Cladding & Roofing, Balustrades, Bridge Structures, Lift Shafts, Stairs and Walkways, Platforms, and Canopies.


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Client Spotlight
Land Engineering

Martec were commissioned by Land Engineering to provide 3 different types of fencing and a set of feature screens for the Beardmore Park development in the East End of Glasgow.

Martec worked with Land Engineering to design and redesign some components of the project to ensure a best fit solution that met the specified requirements.

Martec manufactured and installed each component of the project in galvanised mild steel on time and on budget.

Land Engineering