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Bin Hoppers?

Posted in General on Friday, 06 July 2018
Bin Hoppers? We have recently been asked what difference there is between a Bin Hopper, Refuse Hopper and Garbage Chute Doorset? 

The reality is that they all relate to the same item. Bin Hopper’s are traditionally found in High Rise Developments and allow residents to place refuse sacks into the Hopper before closing. The refuse will continue down the chute into the Bin Store normally situated at the bottom of the High Rise Development.

A significant issue is the Fire Risk which can arise if not properly maintained. Fortunately the increase of fire safety reports has meant poorly maintained units are now being replaced with new fully tested models.

Martec engineering would be happy to discuss the Removal, Replacement and Maintenance of Bin Hopper’s where a negative fire safety report has been recorded. Our 120 minute fire tested Bin Hooper is fully compliant with existing Building Regulations and gives residents peace of mind that all areas of the development is safe and secure.

So whether it’s a Bin Hopper, Refuse Hooper or Garbage Chute Doorset, Martec Engineering can manufacture a solution tailor made to your high rise development.


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