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Controlled entry installation & refurbishment of Ground Floor Foyers

171–191 Wyndford Road

Contract Value
: £670K
Client: Cube Housing Association Ltd

Martec Engineering successfully tendered for Cube Housing Association Ltd to breath new life into the council flats at 171-191 Wyndford Road Glasgow.

Working with Collective Architecture from their design proposals we took full control of the construction phase of the project.

Our remit as the main contractor was to install a new controlled entrance system, Metal Screens and Doors, enclosing the ground floor of the blocks and the complete refurbishment of the foyer interior.

The emphasis being on providing their tenants in 150 flats per block with a state of the art door entry system. Securing the building and providing peace of mind to the tenants, while reducing maintenance and repair costs.

Unlike a Block work Wall, the Metal Screens avoided the need for expensive structural foundations and followed the existing Solum Walls, below the blocks.

The Metal Screen Enclosures created extra storage space.

A new Café/Office space was also created for potential rental income for the Housing Association.

The Screens created one Entrance into the Blocks only, making them more secure.

New Fire escape routes were created.

Improving the Rear of the Building

-Removing two Rear entrances to the blocks
-Removing Loitering Areas to the Rear of the Blocks
-Improved Lighting and CCTV
-Improving the General Appearance of the Blocks on the North Elevation

The exterior ‘zig zag’ lighting, is one of the main features of the new design.

Martec Engineering helped to bring Collective Architectures ideas to life, giving the entrance a more stylised look.

Giving the ground level of the block an attractive feel in the dark.

Helping with personal security and safety.

All stainless steel detailing, doors and screens were Designed and Manufactured by Martec Engineering Ltd