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Fire Resistant Glazing Systems
Fire Resistant Glazing Systems - Martec Fire

We are one of the most recognised names in the market for the design, manufacture and installation of fire rated glazing and steel curtain walling as well as architectural and bespoke metal works.

Fire Rated Glazing

MARTEC FIRE is one of the UK’s premier suppliers and installers of fire rated glazing framed and frameless systems. We offer a full turnkey service for steel fire rated glazing systems that are fully compliant with BS 476: Part 22:1987, EN 1364-1 & BSEN 1364-1 Standards.

Our systems range from 30 minutes stability and integrity (E30) right through to 120 minutes stability, integrity and insulation (EI120).

All our products are backed with fire test certification and installed by accredited installers, giving our clients peace of mind knowing the systems are fully compliant with current legislation.

Martec Architectural Systems are approved manufacturers and installers of

  • Schueco Jansen
  • Forster
  • RP Technik

Our in house facilities enable us to design bespoke applications, where we are able to obtain project specific assessments to ensure that what is proposed will achieve the fire rated requirements for a specific project.


Doors, Windows, Curtain walling, butt glazed screens and Auto sliding doors with break out and break in functions.

Advantages over traditional aluminium:

  • Steel is x3 stronger than any comparable aluminium system
  • Steel system profiles are slimmer than the comparable aluminium system
  • Using steel allows higher transparency and larger spans

With small frame ratios and large glass areas, they fulfil important architectural requirements with respect to visual elegance and transparency.

The advantages of steel – Fire protection

The fire resistance of steel is significantly higher than that of aluminium.

  • Melting point of steel = 1,500 ᵒC
  • Melting point of aluminium = 660 ᵒC

Steel does not melt, it does not result in caustic or corrosive fumes in the event of fire, it remains stable.

Smoke Control (Baffles) in Public areas.

Martec Fire supply glazed smoke control systems which offer a passive solution and require little or no maintenance. In the event of a fire, they work to prevent the spread of smoke, ensuring it is ducted to the extraction system quickly. Our glazed smoke curtains deliver a safer alternative to fabric curtains.


  • There is virtually no maintenance needed, cleaning the glass is all that is required
  • It is a permanent fixture and needs no periodic testing, avoiding the disruption and subsequent cleaning required with fabric curtains
  • We use modified fire resistant glasses, if a breakage does occur, it fractures into small pieces.

Our solution can be either framed or frameless dependent on, performance and aesthetic requirements.


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Client Spotlight
Land Engineering

Martec were commissioned by Land Engineering to provide 3 different types of fencing and a set of feature screens for the Beardmore Park development in the East End of Glasgow.

Martec worked with Land Engineering to design and redesign some components of the project to ensure a best fit solution that met the specified requirements.

Martec manufactured and installed each component of the project in galvanised mild steel on time and on budget.

Land Engineering